A photo shoot for Tesco homeware, featuring their range of mugs and tea cups and saucers on shelves with a blue background. shot for commercial use across social media and print. Interior styling be Becky Wilkinson.
A yellow armchair propped with a selection of cushion from a range from Tesco Home. Shot as part of a commercial series used across social media and print. Styled by Becky Wilkinson, photographed by Alexander Edwards
A gif created as part of a commercial advertising photography campaign for Etsy Uk. Some of their beautiful nursery products are laid amongst pastel coloured boards with a moving toy train. Set design by Rebecca Nee.
A still life composition of an array of lighting products selected from Etsy UK. The lights are set up amongst pastel coloured backgrounds and plinths. This image formed part of a social media advertising campaign.
A still life gif shot for Etsy UK, for commercial and social media use. Various plants are planted in a series of handmade pots selected from their website. Set design by Rebecca Nee photography by Alexander Edwards.
A still life set created for Etsy UK to advertise their website. On display is a range of their furniture selected from people who use their site, the furniture is arranged in a graphic way amongst pastel coloured backgrounds
A gif photographed for Tesco home, shot for online and commercial use. A table set with afternoon tea, the cake stand is animated and rotates, bright daylight and a blue pink background. Photography by Alexander Edwards.
A homeware story shot for Tesco Home, A range of their cushions sits on a red sofa and armchair, the room propped with hanging plants and shot with a bright summers light. Interior styling by Rebecca Nee.
Commercial photography shot for Tesco Home, their bright pink floral bedding shot of a dark grey bed with a side table and vase, in front of a dark grey panelled interior. Interior design & styling by Becky Wilkinson.
A bright and colourful online marketing campaign photographed for Scribbler UK. Their product is shot overhead on paper with custom paper work by Rebecca Nee, still life photography by Alexander Edwards.
An image of the homepage of Scribbler UK. Their new website is populated entirely with fresh, colourful new images created by photography and styling team Alexander Edwards and Rebecca Nee.
Two images from a photoshoot for Scribbler UK. These have show their product from overhead propped with handmade paper props and bright, colourful paper backgrounds. The concept was created by set designer Rebecca Nee.
The largest advert and main banner shot for the Berlin Food Festival. Created by the set designer and talented artist Charlotte Love, faces are made from food and shot on colourful backdrops. Photography by Alex Edwards
A selection of all 4 advertising images shot for the Berlin Food Festival and designed by stylist and set designer Charlotte Love. They are various faces made from food and photographed on bright, colourful backgrounds.
A still life image shot for the childrens party supplier Meri Meri, for use in their brochure. This shot is a series of small hand decorated matchboxes containing sweets shot from above surrounded by sweets and glitter.
A commercial photograph for the brochure of Meri Meri, a kids party company. Some of their products are shown wrapped in twine. Styling by Charlotte Love, photograph by Alexander Edwards
This picture of a selection of christmas crackers shot overhead was created for Meri Meri a childrens party company. The product is shot from above surrounded by colourful paper and christmas glitter. Shot by Alex Edwards.
A gif of all the basic white dining range created by Tesco home. The plates move in and out of the shot in animation. There is strong summery daylight illuminating the shot. Styling by Becky Wilkinson, photo by Alex Edwards.
A still life photograph created for Tesco Home of a cocktail trolley propped with cocktails and shaker.The image was used for social media and online use. Still life commercial photography by Alexander Edwards.
A photography project commissioned by Tesco Home UK, an image of a side table propped with their product in front of a pink background. Commercial photography by Alexander Edwards. Interior styling by Rebecca Nee
The opening page of the Tesco Autumn Winter home book, two of their statement vases shot close up with flower stems in them. This image formed part of a commercial advertising shoot featuring there range of furniture.
A picture of a living room furnished with A Tesco Homeware sofa, side table and coffee table in front of a blue background. This image was shot for their furniture directory. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards
A large gif animation that reveals and conceals a wide array of Tesco product including cushions, lamps, vases and more. This was created as part of a series images photographed specifically for a facebook canvas advert.
A selection of side tables photographed for the Tesco Furniture Directory, sparsely propped with some flowers in front of a blue background. This part of a commercial interiors photoshoot by Alexander Edwards.
Shot for IKEA UK this photograph shows a student bedroom replicated and lit in a studio. The room is filled with various space saving Ikea furniture. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards.
Childrens bedroom photographed for Tesco Homeware, two single beds with colourful bedding and wall stickers, with bright red shutters surrounding the window. This image formed part of a commercial shoot by Alexander Edwards.
An image from Tescos Christmas Gift Guide, a child swings around her soft toys all made by Tesco. Part of a series of photos styled by Rebecca Nee and photographed by Alexander Edwards.
A photograph of a child with a toy drum, surrounded by lots of other toys all stocked by Meri Meri. This image foamed part of a series of images commissioned to create a new brochure. Set design and styling by Charlotte Love
A still life set up of a christmas hamper by Tesco, shot for there commercial Gift Guide. An array of product is laid out in snow in front of a green panelled background. Set design by prop stylist Rebecca Nee.
A small set design and still life concept commissioned by Etsy UK for social media and online use. A small abstract desk set up with pastel backgrounds and a range of stationary items sourced from their website.
An overhead image from a campaign for Etsy UK, various ceramic plates sourced from their websites are shot on plywood and pastel backgrounds. Set design by Rebecca Nee, still life photography by Alexander Edwards
This is an image shot as part of a commercial campaign for Etsy UK. Stationary items sourced for various brands on their website are shot overhead on pastel backgrounds. Photography by Alexander Edwards
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