The living room space of Lee Thornley, founder of Bert and May, a bespoke interiors designed by Rory Robertson, photography by Alexander Edwards, the images for featured in editorial publications.
An image of a refurbished red leather chair with wood cladded living room walls, from the house of Bert and May founder Lee Thornley. Interior design by Rory Robertson and photography by Alexander Edwards.
The living room of Lee Thornley, founder of Bert & May, a boutique interiors and homeware store. The picture features a fireplace with hand painted tiles and a leather sofa. Images by Interiors photographer Alexander Edwards
The dining area of Lee Thornley, the owner of Bert and May, a bespoke interior design and homeware store. The image features a reclaimed wood dining table and chair as well as the owners piano. Photographer Alexander Edwards
A dark and moody monochrome image, featuring ceramics and a hanging light. Interior design and styling by Rory Robertson, photography by london based interiors photographer Alexander Edwards.
Bold monochrome textured walls are the backdrop used to display fabrics on a white ercol chair. Photographed on location in London, UK. Still life photography by Alexander Edwards.
An image of Ilse Crawfords cork dining table and bench by Ikea UK. The dining table is in a dark green room with ceramics and hanging light by Rocket St George. Interior styling by Rory Robertson, photographed by Alex Edwards
A personal interiors photography, taking a series of images of the house of Rachel Scott, a refurbished warehouse apartment property in London east end. With new custom lighting and interior design by Rory Robertson.
Living room space of an east London factory conversion property, photographed using the natural daylight from the small walled garden. Custom lighting designed by Rory Robertson, photograph by Alexander Edwards
Photographs of the staircase of a east London converted factory property. featuring lights that were custom designed by interior designer Rory Robertson. Photographs by Alexander Edwards Photography
The dining area of a refurbished east London warehouse apartment, with a bespoke larder made by Bert & May. The interior design and lighting was custom designed by Rory Robertson with photography by Alexander Edwards.
Commercial advertising photography for Hewlett Packard featuring custom printed wallpapers and cushions. Styled by Rory Robertson, photographs by Alexander Edwards, shot on location at Domino Location House
A commercial image for Hewlett Packard, this is a simple image of a minimally styled dining table, featuring a table cloth printed in custom design by HP, as well as bespoke wallpaper. Interior styling by Rory Robertson.
Commercial photography for Hewlett Packard documenting their wallpaper range, shot at Domino Location House, styling by Rory Robertson. A grey sofa propped with various items upholstered in fabrics by HP.
An image from a series used by IKEA UK across their social media. All monochrome IKEA product, a wicker chair sits in front of a wall propped with black and white IKEA plates. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards.
White crockery, ceramic hanging light with dining table by Ilse Crawford for IKEA. Interior styling for editorial publication. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards, styled by Rory Robertson.
A monochrome feature used by IKEA UK across their social media platforms. A custom painted IKEA chair sits in front of a graphic wall print and coat hanger. Shot at Plough Studios, London, SW4 9NS.
An image showing details of a chair and doorway leading to the bedroom of Julian Powell-Tuck, the architect responsible for this remarkable property in Devon UK. Photographed by Alexander Edwards
Commissioned for editorial publication is the house of Lee Thornley, the owner of Bert and May, a bespoke interiors and homeware brand. His bedroom with bold blue patterned headboard. Interior design by Rory Robertson.
A large grey sofa and side table made with large stack of interiors magazines. Shot on location in London, UK. Interior styling by Rory Robertson and photography by Alexander Edwards
The bedroom of Bert & May founder Lee Thornley. This shot shows the chair sitting on a large cream rug with hand printed curtains in the window. The room was redesigned by interior designer Rory Robertson.
A large wooden antique desk with a blue upholstered chair, photographed in front of large georgian sash windows at the location of Augustus Brandt antiques. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards
An antique chesterfield sofa, reupholstered in a bold orange fabric. This photograph was part of a series of still life and interiors advertising images shot for Augustus Brandt, an antiques store in Petworth, UK.
Two small armchairs, reupholstered in a bold and bright green velvet and photographed at Augustus Brandt antiques. These images were shot as part of an advertising campaign across various editorial publications.
Interiors photography commissioned by Bert and May of their interior and homeware pop up store. A bright yellow sofa sits in front of a black wall displaying their range of bespoke hand made ceramic tiles.
An image of some of the designs for Ikea UK by stylist and designer Ilse Crawford, the bench is set in front of a green wall with dark blue curtains and props. Photographed by Alexander Edwards at Plough Studios, London, UK.
Ercol sofa with bespoke upholstery in Bert and May fabrics. Photographed by Alexander Edwards in their interiors pop up store in Lambs Conduit Street, London UK.
An example of one of the kitchens that can be bought form Bert and May. A large white butlers sink and circular mirror set up in their London store, with white brick walls.Image by photographer Alexander Edwards
An installation of custom hand painted tiles by Bert and May photographed at the opening of their store in Vyner St, London. The opening was in collaboration with Pinch furniture, a chair in front of freestanding walls.
An image of a large double bedroom at The Angel Inn, Petworth UK. The room features furniture and a chandelier from Augustus Brandt antiques. The image was commissioned for advertising for the hotel. Shot by Alexander Edwards
Custom printed fabrics by Hewlett Packard are individually framed and hung above a large marble fireplace. Shot as part of a series of commercial images to market Hewlett Packard. Still life image by Alexander Edwards.
Still life set up of a range of side tables by Tesco Homeware. This advertising image was commissioned for their home book. Shot in a studio in London by Alexander Edwards photography.
Photography for an editorial publication of the house of Lee Thornley, the owner of Bert and May, a bespoke interiors and homeware brand. This image is of his staircase featuring a wall of vintage and family photographs.
A picture the dining room of Lee Thornley, the owner of Bert and May, a bespoke interiors and homeware brand. It features a long reclaimed wooden dining table with a selection of restored vintage chairs.
A close up detail shot of the wallpapers printed by Hewlett Packard, this photograph was part of a series of commercial advertising images commissioned to market their new printing services. Interior styling by Rory Robertson
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