alexander edwards

A still life photograph from a commercial photoshoot for a London based interior designer, this advertising image features a table with a yellow cloth is set with candle, flowers and food.
The inside of a gothic mansion with strong dramatic light and two colourful chairs. Commercial interior advertising photography for a London based furniture maker and interior designer by Alexander Edwards
Two different colour backgrounds with an arrangement of ceramics lit by strong graphic light. A commercial still life advertising photograph shot in studio by Alexander Edwards for Bauwerk paints.
The spacious and modern living area of a new property in the centre of London, designed beautifully by a London based interior designer. Commercial interior design and real estate photography by Alexander J Edwards
Still life commercial photography for a furniture designer shot on location in the gothic kitchen of Woodchester mansion. Two wooden dining chairs around a wooden table set with food and flowers. Photographed by Alex Edwards
Graphic strong light is used to create strong shadows to highlight glassware that sits in front of a red mottled background. This image formed part of commercial advertising project for Bauwerk paints.
A sofa and side table photographed in front of a wall wallpapered with vibrant blue patterned paper. A commercial lifestyle photoshoot for Hewlett Packard.
A commercial advertising photoshoot for Hewlett Packard, this image depicts a dining table with fruit and candles, a patterned table cloth and matching wallpaper.
Ceramic and glassware items resting on a concrete in front of pleated blue fabric, part of a still life product commercial photography project for a homeware brand
A living area with sofa and coffee table all dressed with food and soft furnishings in the evening light. A commercial advertising photograph for a high street retailer by Alexander J Edwards
An overhead photograph of some ceramics, napkins and wooden plates on a soft green background. An lifestule still life photograph for editorial use by Alexander Edwards
The interior of a Georgian residential property in central London, a view through to a living area with a console table and lamp sitting under a bright, colourful painting. Commercial interiors photography by Alex Edwards
A still life photograph of homeware on a dark grey surface illuminated with graphic light that casts geometric shadows. Part of a series of commercial advertising images photographed by Alexander Edwards
A photograph of a large bedroom fully dressed with patterned blankets and throws as well as bedside tables and lamps. Furniture photography as part of a commercial interiors project that will be used for online marketing.
Still life product photography of ceramics. Laid out on a dining table with food and foliage styling. Homeware product photography in studio for commercial and editorial use. Images by Alexander Edwards
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