alexander edwards

A still life photograph from a commercial photoshoot for interior designer Susie Atkinson, a hello table is set with candle and flowers.
Interior advertising photography showcasing the furniture of interior designer Susie Atkinson. The inside of a castle with dramatic light and two colourful chairs.
A commercial still life advertising photograph shot in studio by Alexander Edwards for Bauwerk paints, two different colour backgrounds with ceramics and bright graphic light.
Commercial interior design and real estate photography for designer Susie Atkinson, a spacious living area in the centre of London.
Still life image for a furniture designer shot in the kitchen of Woodchester mansion, a gothic castle. Two wooden dining chairs with a wooden table set with food and flowers.
Commercial advertising photography, a still life project for Bauwerk paints. Glassware is brightly lit to create strong shadows on the red background.
A sofa and side table photographed in front of a wall wallpapered with vibrant blue patterned paper. A commercial lifestyle photoshoot for Hewlett Packard.
A commercial advertising photoshoot for Hewlett Packard, this image depicts a dining table with fruit and candles, a patterned table cloth and matching wallpaper.
Still life photography
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