Another image from a collaboration with prop stylist Andrea Mongenie, Wooden plates, bowls and eucalyptus on a subtle green background. Photography by Uk based interiors photographer Alexander Edwards
A commercial still life photography project styled by interior designer and prop stylist Andrea Mongenie, this image shows stacks of white crockery and wooden chopping boards leaning on a concrete wall and surface.
A graphic overhead still life shot of bowls on a colourful and graphic wallpaper backround. Part of a small project with interior designer Rory Robertson. Photography by London based photographer Alexander Edwards.
A graphic still life composition, a large ceramic jug sits on a table with orange linen. Photographed from above the image has strong lines of colour and shadow. Part of a still life project with prop stylist Holly Williamson
A project born out of a collaboration between London based prop stylist Holly Williamson and photographer Alexander Edwards. The image is a subtle table setting with loose white linen table cloth and textured white background
An overhead dining shot, with grey plates and bowls propped with cantaloupe melons on a marble table. Strong sunlight brings the photography to life. Created by prop stylist Andrea Mongenie and Photographer Alexander Edwards.
A still life photography project, a large bunch of flowers and greenery sits on a wooden trestle table surrounded by glassware. Part of commercial still life project by Alexander Edwards, styled by Andrea Mongenie.
A small still life detail shot that formed part of a commercial photography project for Hewlett Packard, this image shows their various printed fabrics folded and in close up detail. Prop styling by Rory Robertson.
A commercial still life photograph displaying a range of planting in concrete and copper pots. The planting pops out with strong light and a dark textured background. Image by still life photographer Alexander Edwards.
A dramatic shot of a dining table with a smoking candle and propped with chestnuts and twigs, all in front of a dark textured background. Styled by prop stylist Andrea Mongenie and photographed by Alexander Edwards.
A dark and moody food story created in collboration with food and prop stylist Aurelien Farjon and photographed by London based still life photographer Alexander Edwards. A bowl of mushrooms and seeds with a black background.
Part of a food and still life photography project created with prop stylist Aurelien Farjon. dramatically lit chopped red cabbage and beetroot sits on top of dark wood. Photographed on location by Alexander Edwards
An image of mangoustines in a ceramic bowl on a dark wooden background. Part of a series of dark and moody still life images created with food and props stylist Aurelien Farjon and photographed by Alexander Edwards.
A detail image from a shoot for antiques and homeware store Augustus Brandt, based in Petworth UK. The shot is of one of their antique green glass bowls with figs on a marble background. Photographed by Alexander Edwards/
A detail featuring swatches of wallpaper and paint from Farrow and Ball. Interior and prop styling by Rory Robertson, still life photography by Alexander Edwards.
Interior styling project displaying a range of wallpapers and paints from Farrow and Ball. Small paint sample pots are shot overhead amongst wallpaper swatches. Styled by interior designer Rory Robertson.
A photography project for Farrow and Ball displaying some of their paint tester pots and wallpaper swatches. Shot overhead on a dark wallpaper background. Interiors photography by Alexander Edwards
An overhead dining still life, with white ceramics and pomegranate on a bold yellow background with statement stripe. Prop styling by Rory Robertson and photographed by London based photographer Alexander Edwards.
An interiors lifestyle image of grapes on a chopping board with wine and napkin on a yellow background. Photography by Alexander Edwards, an interiors and lifestyle photographer based in London, UK.
A food and still life image of melting ice lollies on a marble background. Styled by prop stylist Andrea Mongenie. Food photography by Alexander Edwards.
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